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We Make Shipping Fast & Easy

Distributed by ShipSource a subsidiary of ShipVia

ShipVia designed our shipping user interface to be easy so that operators always ship fast and accurate.  We purposely employ intelligent pop-up prompts so the shippers never lose time searching or scrolling to find items on their screen.  Once the system is integrated with your order management system, shipment ease and speed can be increased further by adding automated business rules and custom rate shopping scenarios.  You will never get caught waiting for rates to load but instead results will appear immediately for rapid decision making. For those companies that do not need to use our shipping screen, we provide a web service API to directly generate real-time rate quotes or process shipment labels.  Our API is very robust and provides carrier compliance from any origin shipping address in the world to any destination address in the world.  You will not have any issues getting an accurate rate or quickly generating a shipping label for any shipment you have whether you use our screens or your own.   

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